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Scott Valentine Net Worth 2024

In this article, we will explore Scott Valentine Net Worth and all the little to big details about his life. Entertainment industry legend Scott Valentine is an American actor. Multiple decades of experience have made him a diverse and gifted performer. Scott  Valentine began his career as Nick Moore on Family Ties but has since worked in movies and television.

Valentine is presumably wealthy due to his broad and diversified corpus of work. His longtime participation in the business and continuing initiatives suggest a high net worth, demonstrating his entertainment success.

Early Life and Background

Scott Valentine

We’ll backtrack to see who Scott Valentine is and where he came from before becoming wealthy.

  • Scott was born June 3, 1958, in Saratoga Springs, New York. Relatively quiet in Hollywood.
  • He studied at Syracuse. No fancy theater school or acting classes.
  • He participated in high school theatrical shows and became interested in performing.

How did he become a TV celebrity from an unremarkable upbringing? Well, it took…

  • Perseverance
  • Self-confidence
  • A willingness to risk

He worked his way into the business. Scott packed his things and moved to NYC to perform after graduation.

  • He got some commercial work.
  • Gained connections wherever possible
  • Eventually got several minor TV roles.

One part led to another, and his big break was a 1985 Moonlighting recurring appearance with Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis.

That momentum carried him to Family Ties. The hard effort paid off.

Acting Career Breakthrough

Nick Moore on Family Ties

Scott Valentine’s reputation and notoriety skyrocketed after playing charming Nick Moore on Family Ties. He is still famous for the task. Here are some highlights:

He joined the cast in 1987 amid the show’s peak. Nick surprised his girlfriend Jennifer Keaton for her 18th birthday party in his debut episode Birthday Boy on March 19. Very clever, Nick!

Scott appeared in 17 episodes till the 1989 conclusion.

While his part began tiny, people engaged with his performance so well that writers kept adding Nick to the storyline.

Beyond Family Ties, Scott had a successful television and film career:

Other Famous TV Acts

  • Moonlighting (1985-1989)
  • Super Force (1990–1992)
  • Americain Café (1993-1994)
  • Movie Appearances
  • Prom Night III (1990)
  • Night Eyes (1990)
  • The Silence of Hams (1994)

Scott took advantage of those early chances to keep getting significant acting roles. His decisions 30+ years ago led to his comfortable Scott Valentine net worth now.

Other Notable Acting Roles

Scott Valentine reached his acting peak in the 1980s and 1990s, playing essential parts in cherished, legendary series that are now cultural classics.

  • After that, he had lesser-known acting roles.
  • Voiced animated series.
  • He still made money from his steady work.

Scott also realized that long-term action was risky. He broadened his concentration in the 2000s:

  • He revived his entrepreneurial, business-minded mentality from NYC hustling.
  • Began non-Hollywood investments and relationships

This included:

  • Los Angeles restaurant purchase
  • Boutique wine label membership
  • Funding tech firms using venture capital

Diversifying his portfolio has given Scott Valentine additional assets and income, increasing his net worth.

Brand recognition from his acting profession helps those new commercial interests.

His name is credible and influential among investors.

While steadily retiring from significant performing roles, Scott invested in other successful businesses.

Later Career and Other Ventures

Most celebrities purposely keep their personal lives hidden. Scott Valentine usually follows such regulations.

However, we know a few essential facts from the past:

  • Later that year, he married Family Ties guest star Kym Valentine.
  • Trevin was their 1993 son.
  • Unfortunately, Scott and Kym split in 2012 after 27 years.
  • Scott discovered love again and remarried Jennifer Wood in 2021.
  • Behind the acting and business transactions is a regular person seeking the same connection and affection we all need.

The $5 million Scott Valentine net worth doesn’t change by looking at his dating history, but it does reveal the grounded guy beneath the mask.

Scott faces life’s ups and downs like everyone else. Next, we’ll look at additional figures behind his riches.

Personal Life and Relationships

Let’s get down to Scott Valentine’s net worth and money.

  • As of 2023, credible sources estimate his net worth at $5 million. Not bad!
  • He made his fortune via 30+ years of performing and voice acting.
  • But also due to wise investments and partnerships in non-entertainment businesses

Year-to-year comparison:

  • Early career income was lower and erratic.
  • His prime was in the late 80s/early 90s at peak TV.
  • Approximately $1-2 million in net assets in 2000 and $5 million in 2024 from residual checks and diverse company interests.

Scott cleverly increased his money in the limelight over decades. He wisely invested the acting checks to build money.

Scott Valentine Net Worth

Before we wrap up this glimpse into Scott Valentine’s career journey and financial status, let’s run through some quick facts to round out your newfound expertise:

  • Born: June 3, 1958 in Saratoga Springs, New York
  • Age: 65 years old as of 2023
  • Height: 5′ 9
  • Filmography Highlights:
Year Show/Movie Role
1987-1989 Family Ties Nick Moore
1985-1989 Moonlighting Brad Williams
1990 Prom Night III Lou Donovan
  • Net Worth Growth:
Year Estimated Net Worth
Early Career Unknown
2000 $1-2 million
2023 $5 million

Before we conclude our look at Scott Valentine’s career and finances, let’s review some short facts to fill up your knowledge:


Thus concludes Scott Valentine’s life and work, which developed his wealth via clever investment. He used his 80s and 90s Hollywood stardom to fund other businesses.

While Scott may not star in movies anymore, he may be sure that his $5 million net worth is growing via prudent financing. Thanks to turning acting skills into assets. Good job, Scott!

Next time you watch Family Ties, cheers for Mr. Valentine as he rises to success.

While you may remember him as Nick Moore with the Keaton family, Scott concentrated on money maneuvers off-screen to turn celebrity into a comfortable wealth. Take his lead in turning opportunity into long-term riches!

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What is Scott Valentine’s net worth?

The 2023 estimate of Scott Valentine’s net worth is $5 million. His role in Family Ties and Fame made him rich

How did Scott Valentine become wealthy?

Scott Valentine made his fortune from 40 years of performing. His performances as Nick Moore on Family Ties and Coco Hernandez on Fame made him renowned and wealthy.

What does Scott Valentine spend his money on?

Scott is renowned for his quiet existence. His expenses may include Los Angeles living expenditures, hobbies, travel, and charitable contributions, however, specifics are scant.

Has Scott Valentine’s net worth changed much over his career?

Scott has steadily built his wealth during 40 years of performing. He has not played many big parts, but constant acting employment has helped him build a $2 million net worth.

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