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Some Amazing Montessori Toys for One Year Olds Kids and Their Benefits

montessori toys for one year olds

Have you ever heard about the term ‘Montessori’? If you have kids then you must know details about it. Montessori is an educational method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in which a proper environment is developed for your toddler so that they can fully develop and learn naturally. You cannot force your one-year kid to reach a milestone but you can always create a space full of Montessori toys and games that let your kid engage and grow physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Nowadays Montessori toys and games are introduced in the classroom so that the kids can grow mentally and emotionally while playing. But before you give Montessori toys to your kids you must make sure it is according to their age. For example, a wooden rolling rattle is one of the best Montessori toys for one year olds kids it encourages gross motor movement as at this age babies itch to crawl. Hence, every parent needs to have some basic knowledge of Montessori toys and games.

Benefits of Montessori Toys for one year olds kids

You should provide perfect Montessori toys for your one-year-old kid. The toy should be beautiful, colorful, and made of natural materials such as wood, glass, metal, etc. but you have to make sure that it is completely safe for your child to handle. Montessori toys will help your child to enhance their sense and develop fine motor skills. Montessori toys will help your child to achieve those things which they are trying to learn. With a perfect Montessori toy, your one-year-old child can also enhance their eye coordination. Moreover, Montessori toys also help in promoting concentration and attention. It also helps your child to build their self-confidence as well as improve their habits.

Montessori toys are mainly designed for fun and it gives the children an opportunity to play and explore. Moreover, with Montessori toys children can foster a love of learning which will last for a lifetime. It will encourage child’s natural tendency of curiosity and their love of learning. These types of toys are also used in cooperative play situations so that the children can learn how to play together for achieving a common goal. Thus such toys can also help in developing social skills and a sense of cooperation. Such a toy will also help your one-year-old child to explore and discover the world that is around him or her on their own.  

5 best Montessori toys for one year olds kids

Nowadays parents can introduce the benefits of Montessori toys to their children before they go to school. As a parent, you can buy some of the important Montessori toys for your one-year-old kid and keep them on the shelves of their playroom. But while buying the Montessori toys you must keep in mind that there should not be any kind of bells or whistles. Before you buy the Montessori toy for your one-year-old child you must know the benefits that it can bring to your child.

The following are some essential Montessori toys with their benefits:


Wooden Rolling Rattle

This is one of the most classic Montessori toys that you can have for your one-year-old baby. It is made of wood and its color, sounds, and motion encourage your child in his or her gross motor movement. One-year-old babies are generally non-crawlers and naturally, they have a great tendency to crawl. Wooden rotten rattles encourage the baby to crawl when their rattle rolls away from them. 


Pastel Stacking Tower

This is another essential Montessori toy for a baby of one year old. With the help of this toy your child can develop their fine motor skills since in this game, they need to place the rings of various colors on the post. Apart from that, this toy also teaches your child the concept of relative sizes when they try to sort and stack the rings from little one to big one.   


Wooden Blocks

This is another standard Montessori toy that is suitable for a baby of one year. In this toy, some blocks are of various shapes and sizes and it provides endless building possibilities. In this toy, there is a tray that you can use for convenient storage after the game your kid is over. 


Object Permanence Box

This is another classic Montessori toy for your baby who is of one year. It has a tray and a ball and your baby just need to drop the ball into the hole of the box and the ball will get disappeared for a while as it rolls out of the box and .goes into the tray attached to it. With the help of this toy, you will be able to develop the motor skills of your child. Moreover, with this game, the hand-eye coordination of your baby also gets developed. 


Wooden Grasping Activity Toy

This Montessori toy looks very bright and colorful. It has a thin and smooth wooden dowel which is very lightweight. It helps in developing your baby’s budding motor skills. Your baby can smooch this Montessori toy and it will pop up and will have a gentle rattling sound. 

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To Conclude

In conclusion, it can be said that Montessori toys are very essential for a child of one year. Montessori toys help a child to learn practical life skills. With Montessori toys of various colors and textures, a child of one year can develop hand-eye coordination. Moreover, since Montessori toys are made of natural materials such as wood, and metal, they are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Montessori toys help a child of one year to encourage their natural curiosity as well as desire for exploration.

That is the reason why it is advisable to introduce the Montessori toys to the child before they get enrolled in the school so that they can get a similar type of experience at home as well. This helps your child to grow and develop naturally and promotes their level of concentration and focused attention.    

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