How To Wash Miniso Soft Toys?

We cannot ignore the fact that the Miniso soft toys are really cute and adorable. These stuffed animal toys are not only great for your kids’ entertainment, but they also nurture their creativity and thoughts. They are the best fluffy friends for kids as well as adults. The thing is that the stuffed animal toys of miniso are made from ultra-soft material and toxin-free fabric. Children carry these toys along with them all the time, and they even sleep with them.

If your child’s favorite miniso soft toy has become dirty, then you cannot just throw it out. But the thing is that the Miniso soft toys online are made from polyester, so cleaning these toys requires hand cleaning. You cannot just put these toys in the washing machine because the toys will lose their shape, and the machine is also very harsh on them.

We all love miniso soft toys and cannot afford to ruin them just because they are not clean anymore. Well, the best way is to clean them at home with easy methods. There are so many people who want to know how to wash the miniso soft toys safely without ruining these cute toys. So, let’s know about the 5 easiest and safest ways of cleaning Miniso soft toys.

Miniso soft toys

Step one!

It is a known fact that washing soft toys in a sink or bathtub is a much safer and gentler manner of cleaning if we compare it to machine washing. However, the miniso soft toys are much softer, and they are made of polyester, which means you cannot sink them in the water. It is advised to you that you should fill a bathtub with warm water. Since these toys are made of softer fabric, you should not use hot water as it can damage the product. Do not use cold water because you cannot remove the dirt with cold water, so it will not get cleaned properly.

Step two!

If you want to clean the toy in the best way possible, then you should add very little laundry detergent to the warm water. Many people have the habit of adding too much laundry detergent in the water, but you should know that for cleaning the miniso soft toys, you don’t require much detergent. Moreover, there are various kinds of laundry detergents available in the market, but for cleaning the miniso soft toys, you are advised to use the ones that are not very harsh on the fabric. You should opt for soft laundry detergents so that it doesn’t ruin the fabric quality.

Step three!

When you are done with adding laundry detergent to the warm water that you have prepared, you should use a towel. It is advised not to sink the miniso soft toys into the bathtub directly. The miniso soft toys online are filled with 100% polyester, and the power of this filling will be influenced if you sink them into water. So you should wet the towel with the prepared warm water and detergent solution. You should squeeze the towel so that the extra water can be removed. Now wipe the surface of the miniso soft toy with this towel to clean it thoroughly.

Step four!

Once you clean the toy, you should dry it in the shade only. It is advised not to keep the toy in direct sunlight as it will affect the quality of the soft toy. You should completely avoid exposure to the sun to keep your soft toy safe. Direct sunlight is not good for the toy as it can also fade the cute colors of your plushies. So, you should dry them in the shaded area for better results.

Step five!

When the miniso soft toy is completely dry, you need to pat the toy from every part until you recover the filling power of the toy. It might take a little time to clean the Miniso soft toys online, but when you keep patting them softly from every area, then will get their shape again.

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The final sayings!

Well, it is really easy for everyone to take care of their soft toys and clean them with the above-mentioned method. You can follow all these steps and clean your miniso soft toy. Once you are done with cleaning your toy, then you should not forget to cuddle them.

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