How To Do An Eyebrow Slit At Home: 5 Steps to Follow

How To Do An Eyebrow Slit At Home

Do you want to try the edgy eyebrow slit that has taken over the fashion world? We are here to help you get the perfect eyebrow slit to express your bold style and personality from the comfort of your home. In this blog, we have discussed how to do an eyebrow slit at home. 

Creating a notch in the eyebrow has become a fashion statement and a way of self-expression. While there is still some taboo about having an eyebrow slit, more people are adopting the style to take their fashion game up by a notch! (excuse the pun)

Step by Step guide to doing an eyebrow slit at home: 

Here is your step-by-step guide on how to do an eyebrow slit at home.

Step 1: Decide what type of eyebrow slit design you want 

The first, and most important, step of this process is to decide where to put an eyebrow slit. You need to consider several factors before deciding on which type of slit will suit you and where you should put them. 

1.1 Factors to consider before selecting the eyebrow slit design 

  • You should consider the thickness of your eyebrow before deciding on the design. The thicker the eyebrow, the better it will look. However, you can always fill in your brows to redefine your brows. 
  • The arc of your natural eyebrow can accentuate the beauty of your eyebrow slit. Following your natural eyebrow line helps you achieve a natural and finer finish. 
  • The shape of your face can help you decide which eyebrow slit will suit you. 

1.2 Types of eyebrow slits 

There is no right or wrong way to put a cut on your eyebrow. You can opt for any of the below types of shaved eyebrow lines on either one or both eyebrows, whatever fits your style. 

  • Single slit: Put a single slit on your eyebrow, preferably near the tail of your eyebrow. 
  • Double slit: Put two slits on your eyebrow. You can put them side by side with little space between them. 
  • Multiple slits: You can put more than one slit in your eyebrow for a more edgy and captivating look. 
  • Zig zag slit: If you have thicker brows, you can create a zig-zag pattern on the brow. The thickness of this slit will be slimmer than the others.  
  • Angled slit: You can create a horizontal V shape (< or >) on your eyebrow for a more refined look. 
  • Cris-cross slit: You can create a cross (X) pattern on your eyebrow. 
  • Fishtail slit: You can cut an eyebrow with a slant angle and extend one part on your forehead to create a fishtail-like structure. 
  • Star slit: You can create a star shape on your eyebrows and shave the hair of that area. 
  • Slit with haircut joining: It is one of the popular styles where you create an eyebrow line such that its shape is extended on the side of your head and cut the line to create an illusion. 

You can use your creative flair to make unique eyebrow line designs that express your persona. 

Step 2: Prepare your tools to cut eyebrows 

You’ll need a few tools as mentioned below to easily cut your eyebrows: 

Eyebrow spoolie

shave your eyebrow line

For a refined eyebrow line, ensure that your eyebrows are in perfect shape. Use a spoolie to shape your eyebrow in a natural flow. 

Eyebrow pencil 

Eyebrow pencil 

Use an eyebrow pencil to shape your eyebrow for a cleaner look and also mark the eyebrow vertically where you want your slit/s to be. 

Eyebrow scissors/razor & tweezer 

Eyebrow scissors razor & tweezer 

To shave or cut eyebrows you can use an eyebrow scissor or a razor. You need a tweezer to pluck the tiny hair to a cleaner finish of your eyebrow slit. 

Magnifying mirror 

magnifying mirror for eyebrows

A magnifying mirror is a must-have if you are opting for a DIY eyebrow slit. It helps you to track what you are doing and if the slit is coming out as you want it to. You can examine the slit and pluck hairs to give a finer finish to the slit. 

Step 3: Mark the eyebrow line for a slit 

Mark the eyebrow line for a slit

Use an eyebrow pencil, preferably a lighter shade, to mark the shape of your slit. You can go for a thinner slit (1-2mm) or a thick slit (2-3mm) depending on your preference for style. This will guide you to cut eyebrows in specific shapes and achieve a clean slit. You can use a tap to surround the area of this mark for precision. 

Step 4: Shave your eyebrow line 

shave your eyebrow line

Time to take some real action. Take a scissor or a razor, whichever you are comfortable with. Put your elbows on a flat surface for the stability of your hand. Now, while looking in the mirror, cut/shave the marked area. Use tweezers to remove tiny hair or pluck the hair to a finer finish. 

Step 5: Post-shaved eyebrow line care tips

  • Once shaving/cutting is done, put some gel or moisturizer to soothe the skin. 
  • To maintain the perfect look of your eyebrow slit, shape your eyebrows regularly. You can use a gel and spoolie to shape your eyebrows. 
  • Trim your eyebrows to maintain a shape and use a tweezer to pluck the growing hair on the area of the eyebrow slit.   


Eyebrow slit is rising in popularity yet again as a way of self-expression and fashion statement. Here we have created a step-by-step guide on how to do an eyebrow slit at home. First, you need to decide what type of eyebrow slit design you want based on factors like your facial features and your style. Shape your eyebrows to get cleaner shaved eyebrows.

Take some tools and draw the eyebrow line design you like on your natural brow so you can cut eyebrows with precision. Use tweezers to remove tiny hairs. To maintain the finish of your eyebrow slit, regularly shape your eyebrows with gel, spoolie and occasionally plucking the regrowing hairs. Express yourself with an eyebrow slit made from the comfort of your home! 

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Do eyebrow slits grow back? 

If you have shaved your eyebrows for a slit, the hair will grow back, and the slit will disappear.

What does the slit in the eyebrow mean? 

There is no specific eyebrow slit meaning. In the 90s, people used it to represent their belonging to a group, especially among the hip-hop community. As the fashion world grew, it gave an edgy look. Now, people use the eyebrow slit as a way of expressing themselves. 

Are eyebrow slits painful? 

If you carefully shave your eyebrows, then it is like any other shaving, painless! However, it will hurt if you struggle with an unsteady grip and cause a cut while shaving. 

Can you do your eyebrows yourself? 

YES!! If you are blessed with stable hands and control, you can easily shave eyebrows to make a slit. You can also use makeup to create a temporary slit. Both of these are discussed above in the blog.  

Is it OK to cut your eyebrows with scissors? 

Yes, It is ok to cut your eyebrows with scissors. You must use an eyebrow scissor of cleaner cut, followed by a tweezer to remove tiny hairs to get a clean-finished eyebrow slit. 

Is it trendy to shave your eyebrows?

The trend of shaved eyebrows is taking over the fashion world. From models and celebs to people using it for self-expression. In the 90s, artists used it to show their alliance with a group. It is one of the classic hip-hop culture trends. The Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2021 show brought back the trend of eyebrow slits. In the fashion show, Miuccia Prada made her model walk with a distinctive notch in her eyebrow. 


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