5 Best Toddler Toys for Restaurants

Are you planning to go to a restaurant with your toddler? Then make sure that the restaurant has enough toddler toys. This is because you can keep them occupied with toys till the time your order is being prepared. 

Nowadays almost all kids’ friendly restaurants keep a large amount of toddler toys so that whenever parents come to their restaurant with their kids they can keep them engaged with toys. 

Why it is necessary to have toddler toys in the restaurant?

Every parent should take their kids to a restaurant at least once a month. It can teach them some valuable social skills and flexibility apart from exposing them to different food not easily available at home. 

Many times it is seen that moms plan to come to a restaurant with their kids feeling happy that they don’t have to cook for the night. But their toddlers make their night so stressful that makes them feel that it would have been better if they would have planned a meal at home. 

Every restaurant takes some time to prepare the food that you order and you do not have any alternative other than to wait for the food. The more you order the more you have to wait and it can be very stressful for your child as they become impatient very soon. 

No child finds it exciting to sit in a chair with their parent and wait for the food. As such they get bored and make trouble for their parents. Hence, it is very essential to have some toddler toys in the restaurant so that the parents can make their kids engaged with toddler toys until their food is prepared. 

Toddler toys that a kid-friendly restaurant must have 

The following are some very common and essential toddler toys for restaurants:


Magnetic drawing board

Magnetic drawing board is a very interesting and useful tool for kids. It generally comes with a 6 x 4 screen that usually has a colored 10.5 x 7.5 Frame. This type of board is specially designed with an integrated handle so that the kid can hold it with their little hand. 

On the screen of the magnetic drawing board, there are four color zones – red, green, blue, and yellow. It comes up with an ergonomic pen that the kid can use for drawing or writing alphabets or numbers. Thus this tool can be an ideal tool for restaurants as the toddler can do something interesting and creative with this tool when waiting for the food.


Reusable sticker

This is another great tool that can keep your kid engaged while waiting for the food in the restaurant. Most of the kids love art and crafts. Restaurants can keep scrapbook albums where your kid can organize various types of stickers. There are various forms of stickers such as animals, birds, barbies, cartoons, etc. and your kid can place them in the scrapbook as per their choice. 

Since the stickers are reusable the restaurant owner does not have to buy them again and again. This type of tool is very cost-effective, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. It can enhance the creativity and communication skills of the kid. Hence, while waiting for food your kid can do something creative in the restaurant and you can enjoy and have fun.


Magnetic Tiles Blocks Building Set for Kids

Magnetic tiles are another best tool for kids that not only provide entertainment but also develop motor skills, improve spatial reasoning, and enhance their creativity and imagination. It is used for creating all types of structures and since all the ties are magnetic there is little chance of ending up on the ground while creating the structures.

With magnetic tiles, you can also demonstrate the basic principles of technology, engineering, and mathematics. Hence, if the restaurant has this tool you can make your kid engaged with this tool and foster teamwork and collaboration along with fun.            


Kids Erasable Doodle book

This is another great tool for restaurants and it generally comes up with 10 to 14 pages of which there are coloring pens, tracing pages, wet clothes, and drawing pages. Your kids can wipe off the color with wet clothes easily and it helps them to learn how to draw. 

If you give this doodle book to your kid they can spend hours after hours with this. Thus it is a great way to spend some time when you give order in the restaurant.


Plus Plus Blocks

This is another excellent tool for your kid to keep them engaged and is mainly designed for children of age groups 1 to 6. These blocks can be used for building 2D or 3D models or images. 

Playing with these blocks can increase the fine motor skills of your kids. Moreover, it can also increase your kid’s problem-solving capability. In this game, your kid needs to fit the blocks together in various ways and this helps him or her to enhance his or her spatial awareness. Thus, if the restaurant keep plus plus blocks for the kids of their customer they can gain some valuable skills while waiting for the food to be prepared.

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To Conclude

In conclusion, it is very essential to have some toddler toys in the restaurant as it not only provides entertainment to the kids of their customers but it is also educational and helps in learning some new things. 

Eating out at a restaurant with kids will no more be stressful if you carry some toddler toys along with you or if the restaurant where you are going to visit has such toddler kids. Hence, every reputed restaurant has now started to keep some variety of toddler toys for the kids of their customers. 

Thus, when you plan to go to a restaurant with your kids and want to spend some quality time with your family or friends it is important to either bring some toys to a restaurant or you should choose a toddler-friendly restaurant where various types of toddler toys are available.

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